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1 x Lilac Sunrise
1 x Boat in Sunset
1 x Autumn Blooms
2 x Autumn Morning on the Lake **SOLD**
1 x Calm Morning
1 x Path by the River **Reserved**
2 x Calm Creek **SOLD**
1 x Boat in the Storm 2
1 x The End of the Day **SOLD**
1 x Sunset over the River **SOLD**
1 x Fisherman **SOLD**
2 x Autumn Path 2 **SOLD**
1 x Sun Rays *Reserved*
1 x Path to the River
1 x Parlementaire is
1 x Veridis Quo
1 x Bloomed Vilnius, St Anne and Bernardine Churches
1 x To Return
1 x ExpressPhoto
1 x Wednesday
1 x Meeting Autumn
1 x Lab's of Summer
1 x Angel Raphael
1 x Ice Flowers
1 x Flowered Gothic
1 x Keep one's feet
1 x The desire of immortality
1 x Forgotten MicroCosmos
1 x Stop Time
1 x Coast of a small life
1 x Cosmodrome of Autumn
1 x In Dance
1 x Believe in dreams
1 x Farther Fantasies
1 x Bloomed Vilnius, St John's Church 2
1 x My Window
1 x Bloomed Vilnius, St Casimir Church
1 x Change the direction
1 x Asked the devil
1 x Bloomed Vilnius, St John's Church
1 x War of the Worlds
1 x Forever
1 x Afternoon on the river **SOLD**
1 x Autumn Path **SOLD**
1 x Calm Creek
1 x Aroma of Spring **SOLD**
1 x Afternoon on the river
1 x Avenue of Giants II **SOLD**
1 x Autumn Fog **SOLD**
1 x Apple Blossom 2 **SOLD**
1 x Calm Creek **SOLD**
1 x Backwater **SOLD**
1 x Baltic sea II **SOLD**
1 x Autumn Morning **SOLD**
1 x By the River *Reserved*
1 x Autumn Path **SOLD**
1 x Birches **SOLD**
1 x Autumn River **SOLD**
1 x Autumn Rain **SOLD**
1 x Apple Juice
1 x Baltic Sea **SOLD**
1 x Awakening **SOLD**
1 x BackWater **SOLD**
1 x Apple Blossom **SOLD**
1 x Bank of the Neris **SOLD**
1 x Basket with Strawberries
1 x Beautiful Autumn Day
1 x Avenue of Giants **SOLD**
1 x Autumn River **SOLD**
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